Generic Online Pharmacy - The Difference Between US-Based And Canadian Pharmacy

The terms “canadian pharmacy”, “generic drug”, “FDA approved”, “GMP” sound familiar but are not always understood well. Many people are wondering whether they should buy from online pharmacies that are not US-based, i.e. they are off shore pharmacies. The most critical questions here are:

1. Are The Drugs Sold By The Canadian Pharmaceutical Companies As Qualitative As Those Manufactured Within The USA?

To answer this question you need to look at what rules and regulations govern both these pharmaceutical companies. The US-based pharmaceutical company will have to observe each and every rule and regulation prescribed by the FDA to get it approved, so it could be sold legally in the country.

On the other hand, the canadian company would not be bound by the laws of the USA and can bend rules wherever applicable – and does not affect the quality. In this way, the drugs that are manufactured off shore costs less than those manufactured in US-based premises.

To sell these drugs however, any online pharmacy worth its salt will apply for license. Most of the companies apply for license to sell without prescription – which further raises questions in the minds of people on whether or not these are same drugs.

To obtain the license, the quality of the drug has to be impeccable and as close to the original as can be. There is no compromise on the impact it has on the body nor the percentage and concentration of the main active ingredient.

Reputed pharmacies which obtain license to sell generic drugs online without prescription would almost always have an in-house doctor/ pharmacist which the buyers could contact to verify whether the drug is suitable for their consumption or not. This service is more often than not, offered free.

2. What Are The Advantages Of Using An Canadian Pharmaceutical Company?

There are many advantages the canadian companies have over the US-based companies and most of it is monetary. Since the canadian pharmacy is not governed by the USA law, it does not pay tax at the same level as the US-based facility does. There are also many licenses, processes, requirements that are not strictly observed in the canadian companies and hence, the cost of manufacturing is much less.

The Canadian company is often in a country with better tax laws and other rules. Additionally, it is often close to raw materials and hence, it further cuts on the costs involved.