Beware of the Fake Reviewing People and Fake Reviewing Websites

The job of a true pharmacy is to guide the people with the safe and optimum medication which can help in the upkeep of the health. HealPharmacy believes in extending the services of a true medicine partner with complete integrity unlike the websites which are using our name to drive customers to their network with fake reviews. We would like to alert our customers to maintain distance from such websites. It is easy to find out the authenticity of such profit-minded people. They will never maintain any transparency in communication.

We feel that it is our utmost responsibility to provide the people with the best of products which are FDA approved. They are just hitting and nailing upon the mindset of the people of older age who do not know how the internet works. But we feel that we should educate the smart users about their rights and thus alert them from using the services of such indiscriminate websites which are nothing more than mere data stealing companies from unknown websites. They are not bothered about the health of the people. It is shocking to reveal the fact that they even supply FDA banned/controlled and expired drugs to the customers.

Our website has been successfully providing services since 2011 and we have been highly appreciated by our loyal customers for being a highly trusted and reliable partner for all their medical needs.

  • They are promoting their own untrustworthy pharmacy websites using our pharmacy name in search engines because our pharmacy is bigger and have many satisfied customers with us.
  • Those websites claim to be real but the customers should act with presence of mind and surf through the site to see the website age, domain name and URLs are different.
  • These websites work like an affiliate to drive traffic to their untrustworthy pharmacy network.
  • They have made this as a money minting machine and are playing with the health of the people by providing them with banned and FDA controlled / unapproved drugs.
  • We have also been receiving complaints from the customers about the fake websites.
  • They try to steal customers card details by using easy SEO way by using other pharmacy names in search engine like a reviewer who makes valid review for other pharmacy.
  • They use some unknown websites in their No 1 pharmacy network list to buy, which are affiliates with pharmacy scam sites.

It is our duty to inform the customers that they should check the authenticity of the website before placing their order because we are very accurate with our shipping and good standard with our customers from past 7 years.

Heal Pharmacy main goal is to deals in the best & authentic medical products and consider customer satisfaction as their main purpose of operation.