Evista (Raloxifene)

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Evista (Raloxifene) – Medical Facts You Need To Know About This Drug

Raloxifene is an oral SERM, which is approved for the treatment and prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis. This drug has estrogenic effect on the bones of the patient while provide anti-estrogenic action on the breast and uterus. The National Cancer Institute has also announced that intake of this medication reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes weakness of bone, which indicates that bones have lost the density and have become thin. The bones become prone to getting fractured. The female hormone - oestrogen - helps women keep their bones fit and strong, but after menopause women tend to lose calcium from bones and develop increased risk of breast cancer. Raloxifene works as a natural source of Oestrogen. This medication improves the density and strength of the bones in women.

FDA approved Raloxifene on September 13, 2007 and thus, a drug which can diminish the risk of breast cancer post menopause was made available. The medication’s effectiveness can be improved greatly by ensuring that the body has access to enough Vitamin D. The loss of bone tissues is controlled effectively by the treatment with this drug.

Dosage of the Raloxifene

The recommended dosage of the Evista (Raloxifene) is 60 mg per day. This medication can be taken with or without food in any time of the day. The daily dose of this drug can gradually improve the condition of the bones, which generates better physical health in women.

Precautions/ Contraindications

• The medication is not recommended for pregnant women, women who plan to become pregnant and lactating mothers.
• This medication should not be used in the case of Cardio Vascular Diseases.
• It is not advisable to use Raloxifene before menopause.
• While taking this medication regular doctor check-ups are recommended.

6 Benefits of Raloxifene

1. This medication increases bone density and decreases the risk of bone fractures. This medication imitates the action of Oestrogen in the female body.
2. Raloxifene also diminishes the risk to breast cancer. This medication is FDA approved for prevention of the breast cancer.
3. The deterioration of the bones is decreased with the regular treatment with Raloxifene.
4. This drug does not cause any side effects.
5. This is an FDA approved drug and can be bought easily from online or offline pharmacies without prescription.
6. This medication is available at affordable price.

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