Arimidex (Anastrozole)

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Arimidex- Medical Facts You Should Know About This Anti-Estrogen Drug

What is Arimidex?

An aromatase inhibitor which prevents the production of estrogen is called Arimidex. Estrogen is a hormone that might cause breast cancer. The drug acts as an inhibitor blocking the enzyme aromatase. Therefore the drug is used to treat hormones to prevent recurrence of breast cancer. It does not belong to the category of steroid.

The drug is also known as Anastrozole Oral. It helps in lowering hormone levels in the body. The drug is usually prescribed after menopause when the hormonal balance of the body is disturbed. AstraZeneca is a company selling the drug. In 1996, it got FDA approval as a drug to treat postmenopausal breast cancer.

How to use the drug?

You should take Arimidex according to the instructions of your doctor. However it is usually taken once daily. You should swallow the tablet with water. It is not advisable to crush or chew the tablet, it might cause reaction. Try to take it at the same time daily. You can take the drug with or without food.

Do not overdose to make up for a missed dose. Once you remember take the missed dose and then continue with the regular dosing schedule from next day. You should not extend or reduce the duration of medication of the drug without consulting your doctor. You should take the drug regularly to derive maximum benefit from it.

Any special precautions/ contraindications

Before starting the medication it is necessary for you to inform your doctor about your medical condition. If you have lung, liver, kidney or heart disease then do not take the medicine without the advice of a medical expert. Arimidex might make you dizzy for some time. Therefore do not engage in activities requiring alertness after taking the drug.

Do not use the drug during pregnancy. You should not club Arimidex with any birth control pills. Breast feeding mothers should avoid the drug. However you can use it under the advice of your medical expert. Inform your doctor about all kinds of prescription and non-prescription drugs that you useto avoid any kind of reaction.

5 top benefits of this product

Arimidex is a very safe drug with minimum side-effects. Most of the women regard it to be a well-tolerated drug. It has become a highly recommended drug to treat breast cancer even in the advanced stages. The important benefits of the drug are:

• It treats post-menopausal breast cancer.
• It also helps in preventing the recurrence of breast cancer.
• It stops aromatase from producing estrogen.
• It balances the hormones of the body in the post menopause phase.
• It also helps to slower the growth of tumors.

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