Ayurslim (Himalaya)

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Ayurslim: Medical Facts You Should Know About This Product

This is a drug developed by the Himalayan Herbal Healthcare Corporation Ltd. It is 100% an herbal product, which means it contains no harmful composition and the risk of side effects is negligible.

Ayurslim has been clinically proven to play a significant role in weight reduction and management of lipid profiles, which helps to keep cardiovascular problems at bay. Ayurslim is an ayurvedic medication that comes in capsule form.

What Is It Drug?

Ayurslim is a completely herbal solution to those looking for a quick, healthy and without any side effects weight reduction solution.

The ingredients of this medication combine to get you want to consume less food, facilitate removal of extra fat from the body and accelerate the process of detoxification. Ayurslim helps you lose weight in a healthy way.

This drug has been licensed for use by the Indian Government.

What are its uses?

Anybody can use it as it is an herbal remedy but is of great significance for these conditions:

• Obesity: in today’s modern world where health suffers due to a fast life you do not have to worry about excess weight gain and getting obese if you take this regularly and for those of you who have to bear the stigma of being obese, this drug is a blessing in disguise.
• Cardiovascular diseases: this drug is of great benefit to those who have this disease as it discards extra fat that your body does not need hence stopping it from accumulating in your arteries.
• Prevention of diseases: this drug imparts immunity hence it is a good preventive drug against a lot of diseases.
• Weight reduction: for those of you who want to drop those extra kilos this drug is the best choice as it is completely herbal and has no side effects at all.
• Diabetes: it regulates sugar metabolism thus helpful in controlling diabetes.

This drug can be used for a lot of other conditions as it has virtually no side effects.

How should you take it?

This drug is recommended to be taken twice a day. While you are on this drug it is advisable that you take a low fat and calorie diet and exercise every day to start seeing the results very soon but it is advisable to take it for at least three months to be completely effective.

Store this drug in a place away from sunlight, and do not freeze.

Contraindications and precautions:

This drug is not meant to be used in pregnancy so if you want to use it during this time it is not advisable. You can continue using it after the delivery.

People with cardiac diseases or kidney or liver problems should take this drug only under medical supervision. During therapy with this drug maintaining a low calorie diet is an important prerequisite.

Side effects:

Since this drug is an herbal Ayurvedic product there are no side effects, at least none reported yet.


• This is 100% herbal remedy and hence no side effects when compared to allopathic weight management drugs.
• No drug interactions or effects on metabolism of other drugs.
• Not only does it work in reducing weight but gets your hunger satisfied with less quantity of food and can be used by everyone – no matter what age or gender.
• This medication not only will help you lose weight, but also ensure that you cannot gain it back.

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