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Retin-A: Medical Facts You Should Know About This Anti-ageing Drug!

What is Retin-A?

Retin-A is a drug which works on the molecular level of the skin. It is derived from vitamin A. It has strong potential to work as anti-ageing cream. The cells of the skin act as receptors of retinoid. It is mostly known for its ability to retain collagen. This helps in keeping the skin firm.

There are various brands in the market selling products containing Retin-A. These brands include Tazorac, Avage, Renova and even Retin-A Micro. Neutrogena is the latest crop among cosmetics containing Retin-A.

What it is used for?

People using Retin-A experienced marked improvement not only in skin texture but also brown spots and wrinkles got reduced considerably. Even photo damaged skin showed significant improvement. It works in a way that remodels the cellular level of the skin. Even freckles get reduced because it helps the skin to turn over faster.

Retin-A prevents whiteheads and blackheads by checking clogging of skin pores. It makes the skin look more vibrant and smooth. This is achieved by boosting the collagen levels in your skin to pace-up skin repair. It is used as a complete package to rejuvenate damaged and dull skin.

How do you take the drug?

The dosage of Retin-A depends on the condition and the type of the skin it is used for. It should be used according to the strength of the product as prescribed by medical practitioner. However certain things should be kept in mind. These are:

• It should be used at night for best results to show up.
• Do not over use it. Use sparingly.
• It might cause peeling of skin. Therefore exfoliation with a scrub is advisable.
• Moisturizer should be applied on the skin during the day time. This will help dry and flaky skin.
• Use sunscreen of SPF15 or more to protect your skin from sun burn or any kind of sun damage.
• If screen irritation or peeling is severe then you should reduce the frequency of the drug.

Any Contraindications/ Precautions

It is true that Retin-A works like magic transforming your skin. However certain precautions are necessary to avoid trouble. These precautions are:

• A pregnant woman or nursing mother is prone to become hypersensitive to the product. Therefore pregnant mothers should avoid using Retin-A.
• Do not club other acne products with Retin-A.
• Products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide should not be used with the drug.
• Any kind of peeling product should be avoided while using the drug.

Side effects

Certain studies have documented certain adverse effects of the drug. Therefore one should watch out for such side effects. They are:

• One might experience excessive dryness of the skin.
• There might be peeling of the skin.
• Sometimes itching or stinging sensation is experienced by users.
• Overdosing might lead to skin blisters and redness of skin.

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