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Lioresal – Medical Facts You Need To Know About This AntiSpastic Agent

Lioresal is the brand name for the generic drug Baclofen. The application of the drug includes treatment of stiffness of the skeletal muscles in the body, pain caused due to nerve injuries, stiffness etc. The pharmaceutical ingredients of the drug are used in various pain reliever ointments which reduces the pain by relaxing the muscles. It has been found from initial research studies that the drug is also useful in the treatment of alcoholism.

The drug was approved for the medical applications in November 1977. It was later approved for application in the treatment of Alcoholism in 2002. It is said that the drug works by hindering the nerves movement within a area of the brain that modulates the contraction and relaxation of skeletal muscle.

How To Use The Drug

The drug is available in the form of tablets. The starting dose of Lioresal for adults is 5 mg which is generally taken thrice every day. The dose of the drug can be increased further to maximise its effectiveness. The dose of the drug may differ depending upon the disease and its severity. Therefore you should consult with your doctor about appropriate dosage of the drug.

Overdose of the drug should not be taken as it may cause symptoms like vomiting, muscle weakness, trouble in breathing etc. Medical attention should be sought immediately in such circumstances.

Contraindications And Precautions

The drug can disturb your thinking abilities so you should avoid indulging in any activity that requires you to be conscious. While using the medication you should not consume alcohol, for it can increase the certain side effects of the drug. The medication should not be taken when you require muscle tension to ensure safe balance and movement of the body.

There has been no significant research about the effects of the drug during pregnancy in women. The medication should not be taken by a child below 12 years. People having medical conditions like kidney disease, seizure disorder or if they are allergic to the drug should avoid taking the medication without consulting the doctor.

5 Top Benefits Of Lioresal

• It is known to be one of the most effective drugs to reduce spasticity.
• The drug has been clinically tested and approved by FDA and is therefore safe to be taken.
• It has been found beneficial in the treatment of hiccups.
• It efficiently stabilises the body temperature.
• One of the most positive aspects of this drug is that it can be well tolerated by most of the patients.

We only ship medications which are approved by FDA, Also please consult your doctor to make a full decision on what medication to take.