Lumigan (Bimatoprost)

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Lumigan (Bimatoprost) – Medical Facts You Should Know

Bimatoprost is used in the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension.

Lumigan is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company named Allergen Inc. FDA approved Lumigan 0.01% and Lumigan 0.03% in the year 2010 and 2001 respectively. Latisse is another brand name of this medicine.

How to use Lumigan?

It is advisable to use Lumigan under medical supervision.

Ensure that you remove your contact lenses in case you use any, before applying the medicine. It should be applied in the eyes usually once, every day. Ensure that you do not touch the tip of the dropper with bare hands or touch it to your eyes or to any other place or else you will end up in contaminating the liquid.

To apply the medicine, lower down your lower eyelid to make a pouch and then slowly drop one drop of the medicine into this pouch. You are advised to close your eyes gently. Do not rub or blink your eyes. This will cause the liquid to drain out.

Do not take extra doses in order to make up with the missed ones. Replace the cap of the dropper and store it in a cool and dry place. Do not refrigerate. Ensure that you keep the medicine away from light and moisture. Discard the medicine after 4 weeks of use.

What Precautions should be taken when using Lumigan?

• Lumigan contains many inactive ingredients like sodium chloride, citric acid, sodium phosphate and many others and benzalkonium chloride as preservative. These can cause allergic reactions inside our body. Hence inform your doctor in case you are allergic to these substances.
• Inform your doctor about the various eye problems you have suffered from in the past.
• Ensure that you consult your doctor if you get some infection in your eye. You may be administered a new bottle of medicine.
• Pregnant ladies must take this medication only after doctor’s approval.
• Some medicines pass into breast milk. Hence consult your doctor before breastfeeding your baby.
• Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine should not be consumed when you are on Lumigan medication.

What are the benefits of using Lumigan?

• Only one drop of Lumigan is required per day. This makes it convenient for use.
• It can be used in combinations with other medicines to treat various other eye problems.
• It has a greater shelf life as it does not need to be refrigerated.
• It thickens the eyelashes.
• Hence it proves useful in cosmetics field.

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