Precose (Acarbose)

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Precose – Anti diabetic agent

Precose is used in the treatment of type II Diabetes Mellitus and its generic name is Acarbose. In some countries it is used to treat pre-diabetes and is marketed under other trade names such as Glucobay, Prandase and Precose. The drug has proven to be beneficial in controlling high blood glucose level in people who constantly consume high carbohydrate food.

It works by blocking starch and inhibits the action of alpha glucosidase enzyme. It also helps in the release of glucose from complex carbohydrates. It could be combined with other anti-diabetic medicines and has been approved by FDA for medicinal use.

How to use Precose:

This medication acts best when taken orally, preferably two to three times a day before food or as directed by the doctor. Dosages are calculated based on severity of blood glucose levels and weight of the client and should not be modified by client’s own will without medical supervision. But it is recommended that not more than 300 milligrams of the drug be taken in a day. The medicine acts best when used on a daily basis preferably at the same time of the day. For the medicine to act best, it is important to club the drug with good exercise and proper diet and to limit intake of beverages as they could limit the potentiality of the drug.

Contraindications and precautions:

People who are allergic to acarbose should indicate the doctor before being prescribed with Precose. The drug is not indicated for people suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis, intestinal and bowel problems, long standing liver disease, intestinal blockage and intestinal ulcers. It is common to experience dizziness and blurring of vision with the drug as it could cause sudden drop in blood sugar levels and is therefore not indicated to operate machinery or drive after consuming the drug.

It is not recommended to consume alcohol while of Precose treatment and to avoid stressful situations in life. The prescription is not recommended for pregnant women. It could pass into breast milk and may harm the nursing baby.

Benefits of Precose:

• It is the first treatment of choice for uncontrolled blood sugar level in people with type 2 Diabetes.
• It prevents risk of kidney damage, eye and nerve problems by maintaining optimal blood glucose levels.
• Good control of blood glucose levels would limit the risk of stroke and heart attack.
• It is safe to club the prescription with other drugs such as metformin, insulin and glipizide to reach best blood sugar levels.
• It is safe to feast on good carbohydrate food while on treatment as blood sugar levels does not raise abruptly withPrecose.

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