Glucotrol (Glipizide)

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Glucotrol (Glipizide) - Medical Facts You Need To Know About This Drug

What is Glucotrol?

Glucotrol is an anti-diabetic drug, which controls blood sugar levels in the body and helps the pancreas to produce Insulin. The generic name of Glucotrol is glipizide. The drug is used for treating type-2 Diabetes; it lowers the blood glucose by releasing the insulin from pancreas.

After obtaining approval from FDA, Glucotrol has been manufactured and marketed by the giant pharmaceutical company, Pfizer in the USA since 1984 in various dosages, i.e. 5mg, 10mg, Glucotrol XL, (XL refers to extended release form of glipizide).

How To Use The Drug?

• Glucotrol should be taken with food preferably 30 minutes prior to breakfast.
• Glucotrol XL should be taken with meal preferably with breakfast.
• The starting dose is usually 5mg daily; the maximum dose should not exceed 40 mg daily.
• Dosage more than 15mg daily should be given in divided doses.
• Glucotrol only to be swallowed not to be crushed or chewed.

Precautions And Contraindications Regarding Glucotrol

• Glucotrol not to be taken by patients allergic to glipizide.
• Patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes ketoacidosis should not to take Glucotrol.
• Inform you physician if you have a history of kidney and liver problems or before taking Glucotrol.
• Consumption of Alcohol is contraindicated as is too intensive exercise as these can cause adverse effects.
• Always check your blood sugar at regular intervals so your Glucotrol dosage may be adjusted accordingly.
• Hypoglycemia (Low blood sugar) is a very common symptom in diabetes; hence, regular blood sugar check is critical.
• Cardiac patients needs to consults their doctor before taking Glucotrol. If diabetic and have cardiac problems, missing your regular dose of Glucotrol may increase the risk of cardiac arrest and other complications.
• Consult your physician if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or you are planning to get pregnant.

6 Top Benefits Of Glucotrol

1. Glucotrol is marketed by Pfizer one of the pharmaceutical giants in the world which is known for its excellent research and outstanding product quality.
2. It has been observed Glucotrol therapy is very much effective in controlling blood sugar level.
3. Glucotrol has anti-diuretic properties, which means it would not dehydrate you.
4. This is a very effective and trusted drug is type-2 diabetes since 1984. It has next to nothing side effects.
5. An outstanding FDA approved drug, which has created a revolution worldwide, by treating diabetes effectively, which has saved millions of lives – since we know that “diabetes is a silent killer’.

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