Lanoxin (Digoxin)

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Lanoxin- Medical Facts You Should Know About This Drug!

What is Lanoxin?

The active ingredient of the drug Lanoxin is Digoxin. The drug is very effective in the treatment of heart failure. However doctors club the drug with other medicines to enhance its effect. The drug also helps in improving stamina so that people can resume their normal activities. The drug can also help people to prevent stroke or heart attack.

The active ingredient of the drug belongs to the family of drugs called cardiac glycosides. Lanoxin works in a way to affect the salt content of the heart cells. This helps in the treatment of atrial fibrillation. The doctors also prescribe the drug to improve the overall functioning of heart and to have a strong heart.

How to use the drug?

You should read the pamphlet of Lanoxin to understand the dosage details of the drug. However you can take the drug orally before or after food. You should keep a gap of 2 hours before or after eating fiber-rich foods and taking drug. You can take it once daily or as per the instructions of your doctor.

You should use the spoon provided by the manufacturer to measure the dose. Do not use household spoons as you may make mistake in measuring the dose. The dosage of the drug depends on your response to the treatment, body weight and also on your medical condition.

You should not stop the medication abruptly without consulting your doctor. You should keep enough gap between the drug and any antacid that you may be consuming.You should not double dose yourself to make up for a missed dose. In case of any queries you can consult your doctor.

Any special precautions/ contraindications

You should inform your doctor about your medical history before startingLanoxin. Do not take the drug if you are allergic to it. If you have kidneyproblem, thyroid problem or any kind of hormonal imbalance then you should take the drug only on advice of a medical practitioner.

You should inform your doctor about all prescription and non-prescription drugs that you may be taking before starting the medication. If you are taking a “water pill” then it is necessary for you to inform your physician before starting the drug.

Store the drug in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Pregnant women and lactating mothers can take the drug only on advice of a medical practitioner.

5 top benefits of this product

Lanoxin is an excellent drug to treat heart problems. The important benefits of the drug are:

• It can effectively improve irregular heartbeat.
• It reduces the chances of having blood clots.
• It can improve the functioning of heart.
• It can prevent stroke and heart failure.
• It is a very safe and effective drug.

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