Hydrea (Hydroxyurea)

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Hydrea (Hydroxyurea) – Medical Facts You Need To Know About This Antineoplastic Drug

An antineoplastic drug named Hydroxyurea(Generic Name) is normally sold under the brand name Hydrea. The drug was first produced in the year 1869. The medication of the drug has been successfully used in the treatment of a number of diseases which include bone marrow, blood disorder, different forms of cancer etc. The drug possesses antiretroviral properties can be used as a supplement to treat AIDS.

The invention of the drug took place during 1869 by Stein and Dresler. FDA approved the drug for the treatment of neoplastic diseases in the year 1967. And later on, clinical research confirmed the effectiveness the drug for other diseases like CML.

How To Use The Drug

The starting dose of Hydrea could be 500 mg once daily. Person diagnosed with sickle cell disease in the beginning is generally prescribed a dose of 15 mg daily and it may be further increased to maximise the efficiency of the drug. However the dose of the drug may vary depending on the medical conditions of the patient. Therefore dose should be taken according to the prescription given by the doctor.

Drink plenty of water during the medication period.

Avoid taking the overdose of the drug as it may cause symptoms like mouth sores, dizziness. Contact your doctor or call emergency services in such circumstances.

Contraindications And Precautions

You should not take this medication if you are pregnant as it may harm your unborn child. People allergic to the drug should avoid it. You should get your blood tested on a regular basis as the drug can reduce the count of blood cell that acts as shield and protects your body against different virus and infections. You should avoid getting in contact with any sick person. You should always wash your hands properly before and after taking this medication.

If you tend to suffer from any disease like severe bone marrow, AIDS, kidney related disease or if you are allergic to Hydera then in such case it’s always better to consult with your doctor beforehand and let him know about your health and medical conditions before you think to take the medication.

5 Top Benefits Of Hydera

• The drug is efficient in reduction of severe attacks caused by sickle cell diseases.
• It has been found helpful in the treatment of different types of cancer.
• It is an effective drug in the treatment of sickle cell disease.
• The drug has been clinically approved by FDA and hence is a secure option.
• The drug is available online and at all the medical pharmacies.

We only ship medications which are approved by FDA, Also please consult your doctor to make a full decision on what medication to take.