Minipress (Prazosin)

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Minipress – Anti- Hypertensive (alpha blockers)

Minipress is the trade name for the drug Prazosin and has been used to treat high blood pressure levels thereby mitigating the risks of heart attacks, stroke and renal disorders. It belongs to a class of drugs known as alpha blockers and works by relaxing the blood vessels in the heart to enhance blood flow.

It has also been considered to treat Raynaud’s phenomenon, a rare circulatory disorder and to treat benign prostrate hypertrophy and related renal disorders. Minipress is a sympatholytic drug that behaves as an alpha adrenergic blocker and helps in relaxing smooth muscles of the blood vessels. It has been approved by the FDA and is available in approved pharmacies with prescription.

How to use Minipress:

Minipress acts best when taken orally with food or in an empty stomach, preferably three times a day or as prescribed by the physician. It is not advisable to alter the dosage of the drug without medical advice as dosages have been calculated based on the disease and the client’s age.

The initial doses of the drug are prescribed for bed time as it could cause drowsiness and consecutive doses would be gradually increased. This medicine is intended for regular use and acts best when taken at the same time every day. The medicine is not to be discontinued without medical advice as health condition could worsen if stopped abruptly.

Precautions and contraindications:

People who are allergic to Prazosin and other alpha blockers should not use Minipress. It is important to clearly indicate medical history corresponding to heart disorders, kidney disease and abnormalities of the prostate with the physician before being prescribed for Minipress.Continuous use of the drug could cause drowsiness and blurring of vision and should not be used for at least 24 hours prior to driving and use of machinery. It is not advisable to stand for long periods after consuming Minipress and to avoid strenuous exercise and hot weather. The drug is not intended for use by pregnant women and should be used only when clearly indicated. Prazosin could pass breast milk and is harmful for the baby.

Benefits of the drug:

• Has best effect on the functions of the heart owning to its alpha 1 receptor properties
• It helps to maintain optimal blood pressure in the blood vessels and manages the rate and contractility of the heart.
• It is used in the treatment of problems with urination secondary to enlargement of the prostate gland. It causes constriction of ureter and the prostate.
• It has proven to be beneficial in controlling serious nightmares in children after post-traumatic stress syndrome.
• It is also a drug of choice to treat alcohol dependence and stings from red scorpion in sub-tropical regions of the world.

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