Hytrin (Terazosin)

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Hytrin: Medical Facts You Should Know About This Drug

Hytrin is a selective alpha1 antagonist drug indicated for the treatment of symptomatic enlarged prostate. It blocks the action of adrenaline on smooth muscle walls of the urinary bladder.

What is Hytrin?

This drug belongs to a group of drugs called alpha adrenergic blockers. It is a selective adrenergic receptor blocking agent and has been derived from quinazoline.

It is marketed by the trade name of Hytrin and the generic composition of this drug is Terazosin. It causes vasodilatation thus reducing blood pressure and also relaxes bladder wall to ease the process of passage of urine in men. It got approved by the FDA in 1987.

What Is It Used For?

Hytrin is indicated in the following conditions:

• Benign prostatic enlargement: in this condition the drug works by making the passage of urine easier by relaxing the bladder muscle.
• Hypertensive patients: dilates blood vessels and arteries thus reducing blood pressure effectively.
• It is the first treatment of choice amongst men with benign prostate enlargement who also have hypertension.

How Should I Take It?

Treating the prostate enlargement:

• The standard dose for this condition is 1mg which is normally taken at night.
• If the treatment requires, the dose must be increased gradually, i.e. 2 mg, 4 mg or 8 mg and so on.
• In clinical trials it has come to light that, at a dose of 10 mg daily the effects are noticeable within 4 to 6 weeks of treatment

Treating hypertension:

• Starting dose should be 1 mg and should be increased gradually.
• Patient’s response with the starting dose is taken into account to decide the quantity needed for progression in the treatment which is usually 5 mg per day.
• Most patients respond well to a dose of 5mg every day but in others the dose may have to be increased to 20 mg to obtain proper results.

The drug has to be carefully monitored when given in conjunction with other drugs. It works well when given with beta blockers with fewer side effects.

This drug has been awarded a category C for use during pregnancy. This designation implies that it is not known how this drug effects the fetus due to lack of clinical trials hence until need outweighs risk factors this drug is not usually prescribed.

It is advised that no alcohol be taken during the entire course of treatment.


• It is contraindicated for use in those who have a demonstrated allergy to terazosin.
• When treatment with this drug is being administered proper care should be taken to keep an updated record of blood pressure fluctuations.
• A proper history must be obtained before starting treatment.
• This drug causes mild to moderate dizziness hence it is advised to avoid driving while undergoing treatment with Hytrin.
• Senior people are more susceptible to the side effects caused by this drug in such cases, this medication should be taken strictly under doctor’s supervision.


• This drug is of great value for people who suffer from both conditions: hypertension and prostate enlargement.
• Even people with impaired renal function benefit with this as the excretion is not mainly dependant on kidney function.
• Compared to other drugs, this is easily absorbed in the body
• This drug causes minimal side effects and hence, can be used by most age groups safely.
• This drug also helps in decreasing cholesterol levels in the body.

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