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Mircette – Medical Facts You Should Know About This Drug

What is Mircette?

Mircette is an oral contraceptive pill that works by preventing ovulation during the menstrual cycle; it also prevents the sperm from fertilizing the egg. This is a drug that prevents unwanted pregnancy post unprotected sex. Mircette is a drug that offer positive side effects, i.e. it provides relief for pain that occurs previous and during menstruation. It also controls loss of blood.

The drug is FDA approved and manufactured at Duramed Pharmaceuticals. This medication can be used by women in the age bracket of 18-50 with great success. It is an excellent contraceptive and very popular because there are no side effects.

How to Use the Drug?

Mircette is available in tablet form that needs to be taken orally. The medication must be taken within 24 hours from having un-protective sex. For the better results the medication should be taken regularly for 7 days.

The first white tablet needs to be taken on the day post sex and the next pill must be taken as soon as the menstruation begins. For the next 2 days, 2 light green tablets need to be taken and for the rest 5 days the yellow tablets need to consumed.

This is a procedure that can be continued for up to 4 weeks or as per directed and instructed by doctor.

Any Special Precautions/Contraindications

Always look and follow the instructions that come with the medication. Consult your doctor or the pharmacist in case of any doubt.

• Women suffering from high blood pressure, blood clotting disorders, or any heart disease, should not take Mircette.
• Women who smoke and are over 35 years of age should avoid taking this drug.
• Women suffering from diabetes, jaundice or any liver disease, should take this medication only after consulting a doctor.
• If you suspect that you are already pregnant do not take these pills.
• This medication should not be taken if there is unusual vaginal bleeding, or if there are any uterine related problems.

5 Top Benefits of Mircette

This medication is popular because it is very effective and has very limited side effects. A few among the top benefits are listed below:

• This oral contraceptive pill increases libido and also prevents inflammatory pelvic diseases.
• Mircette also reduces the risk of developing ovarian cysts,
• It reduces menstrual bleeding and pain. It prevents iron deficiency.
• One of its better positive side effects is clear skin, as it also prevents pimples and acne.
• This is a drug approved by the FDA, and hence it I safe for use.

We only ship medications which are approved by FDA, Also please consult your doctor to make a full decision on what medication to take.