Minomycin (Minocycline)

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Minomycin- Medical Facts You Should Know About This Anti-Bacterial Drug

What is Minomycin?

The active ingredient of the drug Minomycin is minocycline. It is an antibiotic of tetracycline group. This broad-spectrum drug is used for the treatment of bacterial infections of different kinds. It is available in 100mg capsules.

The drug acts as inhibitor of protein. It also prevents the synthesis of those bacteria which are susceptible to spread infection. It checks bacterial growth by blocking the transcription stage of the infection causing bacteria. It is used for both adults and children.

Minomycin is a very safe disease-modifying drug. It works on different range of bacteria including meningococci, staphylocococci and also gonococci.

How to use the drug?

It is necessary for you to use Minomycin on advice of your doctor. However you can take the drug once or twice daily. You can consume it orally before or after food with water. You should use it for an interval prescribed by your doctor. The dose depends on your medical condition and also on your response to the treatment.

You can use Minomycin for up to 6 months in severe cases of acne. You need to be patient with the medication of the drug. Acne-treatment might take 6 weeks to give you evident results.

Do not leave the treatment midway even if the symptoms disappear. You should not extend or reduce the duration without consulting your doctor. Do not take a double dose to make up for a missed dose of the drug.

Any special precautions/ contraindications

It is necessary for you to keep certain things in mind before taking Minomycin.

• You should inform your doctor about your allergies before starting the medication.
• Pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers should avoid the drug.
• If you have kidney or liver problems you should not take the drug.
• Inform your doctor about other medicine that you might be taking to avoid reaction with the drug.
• If you are taking any kind of antacids then minocycline might become difficult to absorb. This will make the drug less effective.
• Do not take the drug without the advice of your doctor if you are using any kind of contraceptive pill.
• Children below 12 years should not use the drug.
• Store the drug in cool and dry place.

5 top benefits of this product

Minomycin is a very popular drug to treat bacterial infections. It is a drug which is both safe and effective. The various benefits of the drug are:

• It can treat severe cases of acne.
• It also treats impetigo which is a skin infection usually found in children.
• It also treats folliculitis and furunculosis.
• It is also very effective in treating infections of the respiratory tract and genitourinary tract.
• The drug also treats eye infections and medical conditions of meningitis.

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