Ceclor (Cefaclor)

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Ceclor – Medical Facts You Need To Know About This Antibiotic

Ceclor is also known as Cefaclor, cefachlor or cefaclorum and is a second generation antibiotic in the class of cephalosporin and is used to treat infections created by bacteria. It treats infections of lungs, throat, skin and ear effectively. The drug acts by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and is effective only against bacteria.

These second generation cephalosporin are available in the form of 500 mg oval tablets and are available on prescription only. It is currently been marketed by Élan Pharmaceutical and Athena Neurosciences Inc. and has been approved by the Food and drug administration of the United States. The drug is been marketed under the brand names Distaclor, ceclor, raniclor Keflor.

How To Use Ceclor?

It is important to take the medicine as exactly as prescribed by the doctor. It is not advisable to take the drug for a prolonged period of time as it could decrease the effectiveness of the drug. The drug is taken orally with water and it works best when taken with a meal or shortly after eating. Cefaclor is also available in chewable form which needs to be chewed before swallowing.

It is good not to crush or break the pill as it could result in over dosing. It is important to complete the entire course of the antibiotic to avoid development of resistance to the drug. The tablets need to be stored at room temperature and be kept away from light and heat.

Precautions and contraindications of Ceclor:

Ceclor is not to be combines with other medicines such as ceftin, Omnicef, Supraz, Duricef, Fortaz, suprax etc. the Physician has to be notified for penicillin allergies by the victim before adapting the drug prescription. Persons with known history of intestinal and renal disease should not use the drug and the doctor needs to be intimated regarding this. Dosages are carefully calculated for elders as they are highly sensitive to the drug.

The medicine is not indicated during pregnancy and should be used only when clearly indicated. It does pass in little quantities in breast milk and its use to be revised with advice from the doctor.

Top benefits of the drug:

• Ceclor belongs to the group of cephalosporin which are broad spectrum antibiotics used in the treatment of serious bacterial infections such as meningitis, peritonitis, septicaemia, pneumonia etc.
• The Pharmacology of cephalosporin is similar to penicillin’s and could penetrate the CSF to treat infections of the meninges and the central nervous system.
• Ceclor is effective against both gram negative and gram positive bacteria.
• It is available as oral tablets and also in liquid form to be used in children.
• The drug could be used for other purposes not listed in the medical guide so far, and these effects are yet to be explored yet.

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