Epivir (Lamivudine)

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Epivir (Lamivudine) – Medical Facts You Should Know About This Drug

What Is Lamivudine?

Epivir is the brand name of the drug which is generically known as Lamivudine. This medication is used to treat HIV-1 and HBV. The medication prevents the virus from spreading and infecting the healthy CD4 cells and hence controls the spread of the virus. Dr Bernard Belleau (McGill University) and Dr Paul Nguyen-Ba (Montreal-based IAF Bio-Chem International, Inc. laboratories) invented the Lamivudine in 1988.

Dr Yung-Chi Cheng from Yale University noticed the anti-HBV activity of the Lamivudine when working in collaboration with DC Liotta and RF Schinazi. This marked as the invention of the first oral antiviral medication; Lamivudine. FDA approved the medicine on November 17, 1995 for the use of zidovudine and as once-a-day dosage medicine in the year 2002.

How To Use Epivir?

In adults with HIV, the dosage is generally prescribed as 300mg once a day of 150mg twice a day. The dosage reduces to 100mog per day if the medicine is taken for the treatment of hepatitis in adults. For kids below 12yrs, the dosage should not exceed 150mg and usually prescribed between 1.4-2 lb of the body weight of the child.

Contraindications and Precautions

The precautions that should not be overlooked while on Lamivudine medicine are listed below:

• The intake of medicine should be as per the prescribed limits
• If you notice slight swelling in the abdomen, seek medical attention. This might be a sign of swelling in pancreas.
• People suffering from liver diseases should avoid using this drug.
• Pregnant women should consult a doctor before taking Lamivudine. After a particular stage in pregnancy, Lamivudine should not be consumed as it might harm the health of the baby.
• Lamivudine passes through the breast milk; hence, mothers consuming this medication must consult the doctor before planning to start breastfeeding their child.
• Check the ingredients used in Lamivudine, if a person is allergic to any of the ingredients and the dosage should be stopped immediately.

What Are The Top Benefits Of This Drug?

Among many benefits, following are the few significant benefits of consuming Lamivudine:

• First oral medication for treating HIV-1 and HBV
• Chronic cases of hepatitis can be treated and respond to this drug
• The treatment is effective and affordable. It is being tested and approved by the FDA. As compared to the other treatments of HIV and HBV, this treatment is very cost-effective.
• The side effects and precautions are very less as compared to other treatments. This makes it easier for patients to consume the medicine without worrying much about several health hazards that come along with the other treatments.
• The drug is very effective in controlling the symptoms of HIV and HBV.

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