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Aciclovir – Antiviral

Aciclovir is the medication that is recommended to cure the viral infections mainly as Herpes zoster, chickenpox, genital herpes and cold sores. Medication provides a great relief to the individuals having low resistance towards the viral infections. The herpes virus is prevented from getting multiplied by the use of this effective antiviral.

This drug has brought the revolutionary change in the antiviral therapy. It was developed by Howard Schaffer with the assistance of S. Bittner, Robert Vince and S. Gurwara. Later the Howard Schaffer accompanied Burroughs Wellcome and prepared the medication with Gertrude B. Elion. Elion was also awarded with the most prestigious Nobel Prize, for his significant efforts in the development of Aciclovir.

This FDA approved drug was released in the year 1982 for the use.

How to use Aciclovir

For the treatment of the Herpes Zoster the recommended dose is a tablet of 800 mg five times a day for at least 7 to 10 days.

For the patients of Genital Herpes the recommended dose is 200 mg, five times a day for 10 days.

In the case of Chickenpox infection the recommended dose for the children of 2 years of age or above is 20mg/kg, four times a day and for five days. For the adults suffering from Chickenpox the prescribed dose is 400 mg, four times a day and for continues five days.

Precautions/ Contraindications

• Before using this medication, the consultation with the doctor is very important.
• Individuals having the medical history related to nervous disorders, kidney problems and dehydration should not take medicine without doctor’s concern.
• Taking medication with alcohol can result into side effects.
• The elderly person will require doctor’s consultation for the intake of this medication as they might have low kidney function.
• A person should consult a doctor if they have any kind of allergies with the ingredients of this medication.

5 top Benefits of the Aciclovir

• The biggest benefit of this medication is that it is available in tablets, oral suspensions, dispersible tablets, eye ointment or intravenous injections.
• The medication can be easily taken with or without meal, so you can take it anytime and anywhere.
• One of the major benefits of the medication is that it stops infection from spreading and getting worse. On the other hand it also diminishes the chances of getting affected by the same disease again.
• Aciclovir can be bought without prescription, which makes it easily available.
• The added advantage of this medication is its low price; you can buy easily to alleviate your infection.

We only ship medications which are approved by FDA, Also please consult your doctor to make a full decision on what medication to take.