Lamisil (Terbinafine)

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Lamisil (Terbinafine) – What You Should Know About This Drug

Lamisil is generucally termed as Terbinafine hydrochloride and has been developed and marketed by Novartis. It is a synthetic allylamine antifungal agent used in the treatment of fungal infections, especially those that affect the finger and toe nails.

Oral granules of Lamisil have been considered for paediatric use, to treat infections of the scalp in children over the age of four years. These granules could be sprinkled on the kid’s scalp to treat pediculosis infestation of the scalp and on their foot to treat ringworm infections.

The FDA has approved the generic versions of the prescription and the drug has been considered a potential treatment alternative for fungal infections in kids over 4 years of age.

How To Use This Drug?

The drug works form hindering fungus to produce ergo sterol in the skin surface which is important for fungus to penetrate the human skin. It also eventually kills the fungus and clears up the infection. It is available both as cream and tablet form based on the nature of infection and it is important that patients complete the entire course of the drug as prescribed to avoid recurrence.

Lamisil is effective against dermatophytes, a class of fungus. 1% aqueous cream is used to treat superficial skin infections such as ringworm and athlete’s foot. It is also available in tablet form as 250 mg tablet and is prescribed for deeper skin infections that occur deep inside the nail bed.

Precautions And Contraindications Of The Drug

Terbinafine is not indicated for people suffering from liver and kidney disease and those who are prone for autoimmune disorders such as psoriasis. Though Lamisil is not learned to be harmful for the unborn baby, it is important to inform the physician before the treatment is the women in pregnant. The drug could pass into breast milk and harm the baby.

It is important to limit alcohol consumption and prolonged exposure to the sun while using this drug. Lamisil could interact with cimetidine, rifampin, other anti-fungal agents, warfarin, anti-depressants, drugs that are used to regulate the rhythm of the heart etc.

Top Benefits Of Lamisil

• Terbinafine has been used to treat deep fungal infections such as ringworm infestation of the groins, fungal infections of the toe and finger nails Athlete’s foot etc.
• It has also been found to treat infections of the skin with yellow patches and skin infections that occur due to candida, a form of yeast.
• The chemical composition of the drug is highly lipophilic in nature and has a tendency to get accumulated over a long period in the skin and nails. It exerts it efforts for an extended period of time.
• It inhibits the secretion of ergo sterol, which disintegrates the cell membranes of fungus and eventually results in their complete death.
• It could be safely used in pregnancy, if indicated.

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